Scanning Apps: Which is worth the download?

If you’re a business owner or just a financially mindful individual, keeping records of your transactions is essential. It’s also much less tedious using your phone to scan a document than finding a printer, scanner or fax machine…yes, fax machines still exist. We wanted to take a look at a few of the most popular scanning apps out there and see which one should be your next download.

 Evernote Scannable:

Scannable is definitely an app tailored to avid users of Evernote.  While you are able to email and save to Evernote, the free version does not allow you to export to different sites like other apps do.  One really cool feature is it allows you to scan business cards and save them to your contacts. It also allows you to save your scan as a jpeg or PDF. In terms of the actual scanning, you can’t easily crop the image, but the quality is still very good.



Tiny Scanner:

Tiny Scanner, available to both iPhone and Android, is for Instagram lovers for sure. It has multiple filters to choose from and brightness adjusting features. Unlike Scannable, users are able to send their scans via Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, iCloud as well as Evernote. However, there is a limited amount of storage space in the free version. The scanning quality is great and you can easily crop the edges of your document. Although it only saves as a PDF, it does allow you to choose the size of the PDF export (A4, Letter, etc).



Genius Scan:

Quality wise, Genius scan is very comparable to the other two apps. What sets it apart is an awesome magnifying tool to help you crop perfectly. Like Tiny Scanner, you can save your image as a jpeg and a PDF. The only downfall is there are so many other great features…but you have to pay. Genius Sign ($4.99) allows you to sign documents right on your phone while Genius Scan+ ($6.99) can export your receipts to Expensify to help you track your finances.



Overall, all of the apps are a great way to keep track of receipts or send documents. From a tax perspective, it is always favorable to have a backup of all of your transactions. If you need help preparing your taxes this year, please visit our live chat at our website ( to get in contact with one of our experienced tax professionals, or call us at 866-736-2444. We’re excited to hear from you!


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